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Long Term Care Insurance, LLC.

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About Me

Since 1995, as the Principal of Long Term Care Insurance, LLC, I have focused my career on helping individuals and families protect themselves from the single greatest threat to their financial security in retirement…a long-term care illness. Business relationships are built upon trust, professionalism, integrity, and excellence in customer service. It is upon these foundational principles that I remain committed.

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Our clients are asking…

· Am I protected?

· Will, I burden my loved ones?

· Will, I get the best care?

· What are my options?

In today’s environment, there are several possible solutions including:

· Long-term care insurance

· CT. Partnership plans

· Hybrids

· Life insurance and Annuities with long-term care benefits

· Gifting and transfer strategies

· Continuing Care and Life Care communities

Our goal is to simplify this complicated subject, educate you about your alternatives, and provide you with the peace of mind that comes from finding the solution that best serves you


Armen A. Abrahamian, CLTC, CSA

Long Term Care Insurance, LLC

36 State Street

North Haven, CT 06473

Phone: 203-234-8566



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