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Business and Personal Benefit Planning Group is a group of individual business specialists who are dedicated to providing proactive strategies to businesses, individuals and their families.



Many times during our normal planning days we come across situations which we recognize to be a financial land mine much before our clients do. Since we are dealing with all sorts of financial issues daily our associates identify financial issues that we haven’t uncovered. This happens because they are specialists in their field and work with this every day. Consequently, by having a specialist in our group allows us to focus on our own specialty, this bringing quality to our clients. Our Associate Members have a combined experience of over 150 years and have formed a mastermind group that helps business people and individuals solve their crucial financial challenges. We offer educational seminars throughout Connecticut on subjects like maximizing your Social Security, estate planning, probate, veteran benefits, financial organization, life insurance planning, business succession planning as well as medical insurance and long-term care coverage and planning. Our seminars have drawn thousands of attendees.

Creating Financial Solutions Services We offer…

Maximize Retirement Income & Social Security: David Cowan

Protect Assets from Medicaid: Armen Abrahamian, CLTC, CSA

Provide Options to protect from long-term illness: Armen Abrahamian, CLTC, CSA

Evaluate your Medicare Choices:  Thomas Maercklien

Avoid probate & Estate Taxes: Thomas J. Perrone, CLU, CIC

Funeral planning: Jamie Cowan

Veteran pension benefits: Jamie Cowan

Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation: Thomas J.Perrone, CLU, CIC

Tax Preparation and Tax Filings: Lance Ziaks CPA

Reverse Mortage: Brent Berti

Group insurance and personal health insurance: Thomas J. Perrone, CLU, CIC

Life insurance planning: Thomas  J. Perrone, CLU, CIC

Disability income planning: Thomas J. Perrone, CLU, CIC

Charitable planning: Thomas J. Perrone, CLU, CIC

Business Succession Planning And Exit Planning; Thomas J. Perrone, CLU, CIC


Our Specialists offer free initial consultations and educational group seminar presentations. To book your consultation or seminar, call the specialist directly.

 Business And Personal Benefit Planning Group

Meet our Members and Their Areas of Expertise

Thomas J. Perrone, CLU, CIC


Tom is directly involved in the areas of; Estate Planning AND Legacy Planning, Business Succession Planning, Income Planning using Tax Strategies, Medicaid Asset Protection Planning, Executive Compensation

Armen Abrahamian, CLTC, CSA

Long Term Care Insurance, LLC.


Armen is directly involved in the areas of Long Term Care Planning, Alternative Solutions, and PrePlanning & Crisis Planning

David L. Cowan 

Legacy Retirement Group, LLC


Dave is directly involved in the areas of: Maximizing Social Security Benefits and Retirement Planning, 401k Rollovers

Thomas J. Perrone
Armen Abrahamian
David L. Cowan

James W. Cowan Jr. CTC, CSA

Life Planning Consultants, LLC



Jamie is directly involved in the

Areas of Medicaid Asset protection,

Final Expense and Funeral Planning

Veterans Pension Benefits

James W Cowan Jr.(Jamie)

Thomas Maercklein


Tom is directly involved in the areas of: Individual Medical & Dental Plans, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Part D Drug Plans

 Lance E. Ziaks, CPA

          Duffy & Ziaks, LLC

          350 Center Street, Suite 201

          Wallingford, CT  06492

Accounting and Tax Planning

          Phone:  203-265-1591

          FAX:  203-265-1261

Thomas Maercklein
  Lance E. Ziaks, CPA

Brent Berti

Fairway Independent Mortage Corp


Being a Reverse Mortgage specialist for 12 years, it has allowed me to help many of my clients age 62 and over to utilize a very powerful financial tool.

“We should all be concerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there!” Charles Franklin Kettering

Brent Berti